• Repair / Installation of garage door locks
  • Fitting and installing new garage doors
  • Garage door maintenance
  • Squeaking Doors Repair
  • Alignment of door tracks
  • Bent Tracks Repair
  • Maintenance Garage Doors
  • Frequent lubrication of doors
  • And Much More ….


Come and have a look at our extensive range of doors for your residence or commercial property.  We believe a new garage door can make your house look like new.  Adding value to an existing or new residence as well as making it look fantastic.

We specialize in working with you to find the best door to meet your current requirements.  Whether it’s a rolling door, panel door or tilt door our knowledge and experience will help you make the right decision to meet your needs.

Like a lot of products out there the range varies considerably with garage doors. So does the price. Often what seems like the cheapest door turns out to be the most expensive.  They are cheap because they use inferior parts, parts that are more likely to break and need replacement and maintenance more often. We provide doors width a range of prices let us talk through the benefits and advantages of each.

Our doors provide you with a measure of security that you deserve.  Our doors provide a high level of tested security keeping you secure in this modern world when you never know when thieves may target your home.

Give us a call or come in and see us to talk over your requirements for a new or replacement door. Our range will astound you. We will work together to get the door that suits your needs.

Once we have decided on the door type that best fits your needs we will work quickly to get your door on-site and installed. Our technicians are homeowners too and understand the need for good quick installations.  Every installation is different and our technicians have experienced them all.

Garage Door Repair Mercer Island WA work on the motto that a job isn’t complete until you are satisfied with the work.  Our customers comment that we do not do a job quickly then won’t come back to finish off.  Our work is our livelihood – we will not disappoint you.